Organs-on-chips are the next healthcare revocherry-biotech-organ-on-chip cherrybiotechlution

Organs-on-chips are micro-devices that mimics human organ functions, both in terms of mechanical and physiological properties. They represent the next revolution in healthcare. Why? Because they could massively reduce failures in clinical assays and suppress animal drug testing. This is just innovation.

We are building a team capable of handling the three key components of these new devices: cells, 3D-cell culture micro-supports and instruments.

cherry-biotech-organ-on-chip-2-300x259Organs-on-chips adresse the 3D-tissue culture challenges

Organ-on-chip are 3D cell devices offering many advantages on both conventional 2D cell culture models and whole-level animal models.

Organ-on-chip versus conventional 2D-cell culture

Unlike their predecessors, organ-on-chip can reconstitute  complex interactions between different types of cells, integrate their extracellular matrix and certainly more importantly, consider tisssue-tissue interfaces and cellular microenvironment.

Organ-on-chip versus traditional animal testing

Considering the increasing septicism regarding results and ethical considerations linked to animal drug testing, organ-on-chip are natural successors for physiological function studies, clinical phenotyping and pharmacological testing.

An organ-on-chip advantages

  • they are transparent devices perfectly suited for real-time observation of cells.
  • they can reduce consumption of reactants and drugs due to their inherent micro-scale size.
  • they integrate the complete analysis chain: cell culture control, drug and microenvironment control and read out of experimentations.
  • they integrate the overall complexity of human organs, from their mechanical properties to their physiological singularities.
  • they enable 3D drug analyses by allowing multiple types of cells culture

Cherry Biotech’s goal

Cherry Biotech aims at creating these unbelievable devices by finding the perfect equilibrium between complexity and practicality. We are implementing our cutting-edge instruments such as the fastest and most precise temperature controller dedicated to live-cell observation, the quickest microfluidic medium perfusion system for cell media switch to build next generation health analysis Organs-on-chips.

We are on the way to tackle the Organ-on-chip challenges to create the first Body-on-chip devices and become a major in this arising scientific field.