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"Que ta nouriture soit ton unique médicament" Hypoc

Microfluidic platform for study of molecular mechanism involved in human DNA...

Twelve European organizations coming from academia, coming from Netherland, Deutchland, France, United Kingdom and Poland will constitute a training and research network to study the DNA repair.

Lapaso label-free microfluidic cell sorting

Lapaso The aim of the Lapaso project is to develop a label-free microfluidic cell sorter designed to rapidly detect parasites such as malaria in...

Companies and start-ups working on extending human longevity and life-span

Since the 1990s, a fast-growing number of scientists, entrepreneurs, or investors have dedicated their work to bringing the aging process into light and to exploring the possibilities of delaying, stopping or reversing it

Research laboratories working on delaying aging extending longevity and life-span

EXTENDING LONGEVITY : AGING RESEARCH LABORATORIES LOCATED IN EUROPE, UNITED STATES Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University, UK Website : Their efforts in the fight...

Biological causes of aging and lifespan limitation

Biological causes of aging and lifespan limitation. we learn about aging, the more it seems like it might not be an inescapable consequence of life.