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Multidisciplinary engineer, EPF Sceaux Areas of expertise: biology, physics, bioengineering…

A limit to human lifespan?

Is there a limit to our life expectancy ? Or a better understanding of aging could help us to overcome this limit?

Organ on chip & 3D cell culture cherry biotech

Organs-on-chips are the next healthcare revolution Organs-on-chips are micro-devices that mimics human organ functions, both in terms of mechanical and physiological properties. They represent the...

Microfluidics for low cost detection of malaria

Lapaso label-free microfluidic cell sorting The aim of this project is to develop a label-free microfluidic cell sorter designed to rapidly detect parasites such as...

Microfluidic tools for ultra fast human disease (virus, bacteria, biomarker…)

The aim of the Fastgene project is to exploit the unique features of Microfluidics to provide the world fastest qPCR system for medical diagnosis.

Microfluidic tools for personalized medecine

The main idea behind the MEDLEM Project is to establish which chemotherapy is to be assigned to each individual patient in order to improve the chances for cure, decrease side effects and ensure that the total toxicity is below an allowable limit.

Organ-on-chip against aging

ORGAN-ON-CHIP WILL MATTER : We think that the next generation of organ-on-chip will accelerate new drugs development and ultimately bring us to personalized medicine. We believe that microfluidics is a key element of medical research tomorrow

Microfluidic tools for controlled human stem cell differentiation

Stem cell differentiation control will be a key technology for future medical treatment and fight against human ageing since stem cells have the inherent particularity to self-renew along life cycle. The Pillarcell research project aims to demonstrate the advantages of using microfluidic technologies to finely control stem cell migration and differentiation.

Bioinformatic tools for big data on human genome analysis

The main idea behind this project is to promote advanced DNA bioinformatics research to discover new biocatalysts and, thus improve industrical bioprocesses.