Longevity and anti-aging research: a growing interest for the field – Infographic

Science publications on longevity

Human longevity has become more and more relevant in current scientific research: science publications on the subject went from nearly none to 34,000 every five years for the past forty years, and publications on “anti-aging” suddenly took off at the turn of the twenty-first century and went up to 3,500.

Longevity companies

The private sector is taking an interest in the field of human longevity. The number of companies dedicated to the anti-aging business, whether it be researching the causes of aging, its potential cures, or even administering them to clients, shot up in the last fifteen years.

Longevity treatments

Current research has identified three main leads as very promising treatments in the quest for eternal life.

Caloric restriction : eating strictly the amount of calories that is necessary for the body to survive, and complementing this diet with the required food supplements has been shown to increase longevity in humans.

Potential lifespan increase:
Today 30%
Tomorrow 30%

Medical treatments: many molecules that delay aging are already present in nature and were identified. As part of a balanced diet and at the right dosage, they can help to live longer and healthier. Such molecules are currently being investigated for their anti-aging properties (resveratrol, NAD+, NMN, curcumine…)

Potential lifspan increase:
Today 30%
Tomorrow 40%

Gene therapy: gene therapy targets specific genes that have been identified as the causes of aging symptoms: cellular degenerescence, telomere shortening…

Potential lifespan increase:
Today 0%
Tomorrow 1000%

Today, treatments are already available to the most determined and with enough efforts from all the actors in the field, the slow decline of age can one day become no more than a distant memory.

Dr Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

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