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Cellular stress and aging, a necessary duo?

6949253131_028b82bfaf_qAlthough it is recognized as a risk factor by the scientific community, many questions remain regarding cellular stress. Its main role in aging-related diseases and in aging itself is still being studied.

Part 1: The different types of cellular stress

24206656442_4b68a7bf45_qCellular stress can mean many different mechanisms, whether the stress is mechanical, toxic, chemical, thermic, osmotic, ionizing… They all play a role in the aging process of our cells.

Part 2: The organelles targeted by cellular stress

5195893155_a7140e7f47_oCellular stress gets transmitted through several organelles in our cells, especially those of the mitochondria, the mitochondria and the nucleus, among others. Their response can vary and only give the cell under stress two viable options: adapt and survive, or die.

Part 3: Dealing with cellular stress

6964655863_07889541b3_oIn order to slow down the aging process of our cells, we must control our cellular stress. In this article, we will look into the techniques and/or treatments currently used to treat all forms of cellular stress.